First impressions are made in the first 7 seconds! So why would you waste those important seconds showcasing something boring! We have the perfect cocktail garnish ideas to help your cocktail stand out from the crowd! It is true what they say! WE EAT (or drink in this case) WITH OUR EYES!

Dehyrated Fruit

    This is a twist on the everyday use of citrus. You can dehydrate any fruits to create a stunning eatable crunchy garnish.    

Eatable flowers

Eatable Flowers are stunning is beverages similar in colour or translucent.

FRESH or frozen berries

Fresh or frozen berries are a great way to add colour. Frozen are great as they can always be on hand.


Cucumber can be cut and twisted in so many ways to ensure your gin spits isn’t boring. 


This takes a little forward thinking, but looks amazing! These fancy flowered ices are a great way to spice up any beverage! Doesn’t have to be flowers either, think spices, lollies, chocolate and more!